dirtysexyfunnyastrologyDirty Sexy Funny Astrology

The dirty, sexy, and funny new roadmap to finding your best partner for sex and romance by celebrity astrologer and chef to the stars, Sabra Ricci, and co-author actress and comedienne, Jenny McCarthy. How do you seduce that sexy Scorpio in the next apartment? Will that Sagittarius that you have your eye on be faithful? Is Aries too independent for you? You think that Cancer who’s been hanging around is clingy and needy? Do you even know if any of these signs are a good catch and compatible with you? Aha, now that’s the first question you should be asking. Finding the best sexual match is what this book is all about. That way you can avoid kissing all the frogs to get to Prince Charming, unless you’re in to kissing a few. But why do that when you can cut to the chase and see who are your hottest matches, the ones who are great one-night stands, and the ones to avoid. This is a book to appeal to your sense of humor and give you all the info you will need to find the relationship, or at least the sex, of your dreams. Dirty Sexy Funny Astrology is available on Amazon!


sexystarsigncookingSexy Star Sign Cooking: An Astrology Cookbook for Lovers

Celebrity chef and acclaimed astrologist Sabra Ricci’s previous cookbook, Lobster for Leos, Cookies for Capricorns, told you how to use star signs to cook healthy and delicious meals. Her new cookbook tells you how to propel that healthy body towards the bedroom. Guaranteed to pump up your love life, Sabra can tell you just what to prepare for that special someone, whether you’re just dating or want to sizzle with your significant other. Cooking for a Scorpio? Whip up a batch of Sabra’s aphrodisiac honey lavender ice cream. Trying to find that perfect drink to woo a Pisces? Shake up a grapefruit martini and get ready for a dreamy night. And dark chocolate brownies with salted caramel sauce is the perfect dessert for a Leo, who is sure to find both the cooking and the cook irresistible. Sexy Star Sign Cooking is the perfect book for anyone who wants to make their next date night unforgettable.

Sexy Star Sign Cooking is available for purchase on Amazon!


Lobster for Leos Cookies for Capricorns

Lobster for Leos Cookies for Capricorns

Lobster for Leos, Cookies for Capricorns: An Astrology Lover’s Cookbook

The fun new guide to cooking for your sign, by famed astrologist and chef to the stars, Sabra Ricci

Celebrity chef Sabra Ricci has devised an ingenious guide to cooking according to astrological signs. Making dinner for the special Scorpio in your life? Whip up Sabra’s Chocolate Rum Pot de Crème, which will appeal to a Scorpio’s sensual side. Planning a date with a Gemini? Try Grilled Mahi Mahi with Orange & Ginger Beurre Blanc, which is bound to encourage conversation. Cook Sabra’s Lobster Macaroni and Cheese and unleash someone’s inner Leo. With Sabra’s help, it’s written in the stars that your next dinner party or date night will be a huge hit!

Lobster for Leos, Cookies for Capricorns is available on Amazon!