Sun in Aries: Embrace the Moment!


The Sun moved into Aries on March 19, 2016 at 8:31PM (PST), which ushered in Spring and the opportunity to start over on a new trip around the Zodiac wheel! This may help get your true leader mojo going this month, channeling great genius from the ethers, getting you fired up to start new and exciting projects. But don’t be surprised if once you get one thing going, that you’re off and running on to the next thing, before you’ve even had a chance to complete your last big flash. Don’t be discouraged. Aries are infamous for being the starters, not the closers. The Ram comes in and gets everybody stoked with their brilliant ideas and enthusiasm, putting a fire under your ass, and then their off to the races, on to the next big thing. This could be the theme of the month.

It may seem that you’re seeing the world through new eyes, maybe even with the curiosity of a child. Aries are the babies of the zodiac after all, and as the first sign, they want to have fun, be babied and smothered in attention. They want what they want, and they like to get their own way. Like a petulant child, throwing a tantrum if they don’t get what they want. They say the squeaky wheel gets the most grease, but it can also be annoying, so try to have some patience, which may be a challenge. One thing is for sure, things certainly won’t be boring.

Check out your own sign for more specifics on what you should or could be doing while the Aries Sun shines overhead!


You need to think about yourself this month Aries, something that is child’s play for you since you are the Zodiac’s baby. But this involves connecting with your Higher Self so you can put your best foot forward rather than stomping that foot and throwing a temper tantrum. Didn’t your mother tell you that you can get more flies with honey than vinegar, so be sweet and you may get what you want!


You should make it your goal to check out everything surrounding security this month Taurus. It’s a mundane chore and you’d rather be pampering yourself with all the good things life has to offer, but if you don’t insure and protect, someone could sneak in like a thief in the night and cart it all away. It won’t take long then you’ll be back cuddled up on your comfy sofa eating something decadent.


You should be really happy this month, Gemini, because talking and all forms communications will be on your mind. You have a great gift for gab and were either the one who got in trouble for talking in class or the teacher’s pet. You know how to talk to anyone, charm them with your brilliant mind, and share big ideas, but make sure to let someone else get a word in once in a while.


You get to be the ultimate caregiver and nurturer this month, Cancer, which will make you feel at ease since this is your gift to everyone. You may want to make some changes on the home front, new pillows or art, anything to make things more cozy and transform into your sanctuary. The Crab is Always one to put your family first, but make sure to take care of yourself and your own needs so that you can continue giving your best to them.


You can shine this month Leo as you find your place on center stage where you can bask in the limelight. You love being adored by everyone close to you, because you have a playful sense of royalty about you. This is also the month for you to show everyone how generous you can be, so you may want to throw a little soirée for your nearest and dearest to show just how much you care; they’ll love you all the more!


You can get everything in order this month, and maybe a big Spring cleaning is in order Virgo. It maybe time to go through everything, donating old things to your favorite charity, and organizing everything else. This isn’t such a tall order for you since you can be somewhat of a neat freak, not that it’s a bad thing; others could take a clue from you. You should take some time away from this to check in with your doctor for your annual physical because your health is also important!


You may have a romantic opportunity to meet someone this month Libra if you are single or rekindle your romance with your significant other in a big way if you’re in a relationship. You may want to plan a special occasion for him or her whether that person is a new flame or the love of your life. This is also good for spending time with friends, family, partners, or co-workers to reconnect!


You can spend time delving into all the great mysteries that intrigue you this month Scorpio, especially things surrounding transformation. But this also includes ordinary puzzlements, cliffhangers, and thrillers, because you are the super-sleuth of the Zodiac and can solve anything including crimes; could have been a CSI! So let your imagination and intuition guide you to the answers!


You could be off on a great adventure this month, Sagittarius, to far off exciting places around the globe. Or you can look into furthering your education to complete a bachelors or go for an advanced degree. If you are feeling especially adventurous, you may want to go on a Spiritual journey by spending time at a monastery or temple where you can immerse yourself in the experience.


You will have the opportunity to advance your career by going for a big promotion, getting a new job, or asking for a raise this month, Capricorn. You know your way around a boardroom as well how to present yourself since your reputation is so important. So make a decision of what you want to achieve, how you want to go about it, update your resume, and get it to the right place.


You get the chance to show off your skills for getting the big donations for your favorite humanitarian project this month, Aquarius. With your ability to talk to anyone about any subject, even though you may not be an expert, you always sound like one. Check which charity may be lacking in funds or goods; make a list of deep-pocketed contacts, and go out there to rake it in for the less fortunate.


This is a good time for you to think about your Spiritual connections Pisces, which is something you can do blindfolded since you’re so sensitive. It may even add another layer of spirituality if your eyes were covered because there would be nothing to distract you from merging with the Universal mind! It’s all about what you sense, feel, and hear anyway, so start your month-long meditation!

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