Saturn Neptune Square


Saturn, the planet of Karma, responsibility, discipline, and duty, is taking on Neptune, the planet of illusion, mystery, dreams, and change, in a big significant way, with a square on November 26, 2015. This is the first of three squares over the next 10 months. They meet up again on June 17, 2016, when they are both retro, and then again on September 10, 2016, when Neptune is retro.

So what does it all mean? Neptune just went direct after being retrograde since June. Neptune can cause delusional beliefs and make one only see what they want to see even under normal circumstances. Many of us have likely been wearing rose-colored glasses for the past 6 months and settling for whatever life has handed us, or deluding ourselves into believing that things are either better or worse than they really are. For some, it has been checking out or escaping through drugs, alcohol, sex, food, or clandestine relationship.

Saturn likes to cut to the chase and bring us back to reality! No dilly-dallying, we only have so much time to do the things we are meant to do in this lifetime. And he should know since he is the ruler of our golden years. Saturn wants us to fulfill our destiny and to become the very best versions of ourselves.

There is also an aspect of romance and full on sexual energy that these two bring center stage with Saturn representing the masculine and Neptune the feminine. Now I know that Neptune is the God of the Sea, a very masculine character, but in astrology Neptune is considered to be feminine, along with the Moon and Venus.

So this aspect puts a definite slant on what kind of game of escapism we may have been playing with ourselves while Neptune was retro. We now have the opportunity to not only serve our highest good, but also to realize that some fantasies are dreams and wishes the heart makes.

If you have an open heart and mind, stay clear of falling back into patterns of delusion, you can see that you can have it all and merge duty, karma, fantasy, and dreams into mind-blowing reality!


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