Sabra’s April 2016 Horoscopes


This month begins with twists and turns for everyone by starting off with two retro planets that quickly become five as one by one Mars, Pluto, and Mercury join Jupiter and Saturn. Think “re”! Re-doing, re-thinking, re- evaluating, re-booting! Better safe than sorry, so proceed carefully with all I’s dotted and T’s crossed to avoid any re-gret!

April is the first full month of Spring, new beginnings, and the Aries Sun leads the parade full speed ahead. But with all the retros sweeping through, take time to check both ways before putting the pedal to the metal!

*Note: Be sure to check the sign of your Ascendant for added info and perspective!

Aries: All the little Lambs and Rams will have it made in the shade in the first half of the month moving through the New Moon conjunct Uranus in Aries, making this your own personal New Moon on April 7, and on into a power play the 8th to the 18th, when Aries’ ruler, Mars, goes retro for two and a half months, leaving things a little out sync. The Taurus Sun on the 20th rolls through the money house along with Mercury so be prepared for potentially bringing home the bacon!

Taurus: Bulls may need a chance to recoup from all that action in March, so hunker down when the New Moon joins the Sun in the twelfth with some needed tranquility in the spiritual, creative zone. On April 20 the Sun moves into Taurus to jumpstart lagging energy so Bulls can get back on track. The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 22nd shines full force on the house of relationships setting the groundwork for new relationships!

Gemini: Taking care of business is needed April 8 to April 19 for Gemini since it may come to a screeching halt afterwards. Until the April 20, the Sun highlights the eleventh house bringing eccentric and unusual people out of the woodwork, much to the delight of talkative Gems. Then Mars does his retro bit In Sagittarius throwing cold water on the flames of passion!

Cancer: The Crab may come out of its shell this month as the Aries Sun settles into the tenth house of accomplishment and career for three weeks. Get out of the “nurturing others” mode and go for the gusto in ramping up your own stats. The rest of the month will be a rewind of the past as the retros slowly increase. Mars makes an appearance in the sixth affecting health and well being if he is allowed to run rampant.

Leo: This is the time for the Lion to sprout wings like the mighty Griffin, half lion, king of beasts, and half eagle, king of birds, to soar off while the Sun is in the house of education, travel, and adventure. When the Sun moves into Taurus and the tenth house on April 20, take a couple days to make career advancements because on the 22nd the Full Moon in Scorpio shines on the fourth house highlighting family and home.

Virgo: With two eclipses last month kicking butts and taking names in the houses of big bucks and big relationships, Virgo may need to take a breather in the first part of April. The Sun in Aries sits in the eighth until April 20, allowing transformation to take place by laying low. When the Scorpio Full Moon hits the third house on April 22, burst out of that coma to electrify your mind and communications!

Libra: The aftermath of the Libra Lunar Eclipse in March may just be settling down as the changes become part of who Libra is now. Help is on its way with the Aries Sun in the house of relations and partners. The Aries New Moon on April 7 may open doors to possible new suitors or reignites the flame of an existing one! Sun in Taurus on April 20 moves into the eighth house of passion and financial goals for the long run. Concentrate on your honey and your money!

Scorpio: The Eclipses of March may have put a downer on the good vibe from the Jupiter/Pluto trine. So spend the first half of April putting things in order with the help of the Aries Sun in the sixth. Eat clean, exercise, and clear out the cobwebs! Pluto, Scorp’s ruler goes retro April 18, until the end of September activating the deep unconscious. April 22’s Scorpio Full Moon will reap the rewards for seeds sown on the Scorp New Moon November 11, 2015. Be ready to strut your stuff!

Sagittarius: It’s time to let loose, party, and play until April 20 with the Aries Sun in the fifth house where joy resides as well as fame and a place in the spotlight. The New Moon joins in on April 7 to help kick off the festivities, so party-hearty because when the Sun moves into Taurus and the sixth on April 20, there’ll be a reality check! Time to get healthy! Green smoothies anyone? April 22 Scorpio Full Moon will call for a cleanse at the Soul level, so hang on for a big transformation!

Capricorn: Going into hiding may be just what the doctor ordered for Capricorn this month after all the changes thrown your way during March. The Aries Sun lands in the fourth until April 20, which is a big departure from the corporate world. A pair of dancing shoe may be on the horizon when the Taurus Sun goes into the fifth. Or just kick off the shoes and revel in the delights of childhood!

Aquarius: A few burned out brain cells s may be the result of two eclipses setting fire to the big brains of Aquarius last month. The Sun in Aries in the house of communications and brilliance until April 20 should be a big energizer for recovering any missing cells. After the Sun goes into Taurus and enters the fourth, put on the Domestic Goddess, or God, apron and entertain social buds!

Pisces: Pisces was the star of its own drama when the Eclipse of March started a storm that felt like being blasted from all sides including Jupiter and Saturn. April may seem to be the same, but will quickly prove otherwise. The Sun settles into the second house to give feelings of security and receives a big boost when the Aries New Moon amplifies the money making machine! What is sowed now will reap big rewards at the Full Moon in Aries October 16!

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