Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde, oh my! He usually goes retro three times a year, but we are in for a real treat this year, as Mercury will be up to his tricks four times in 2016! For all you Astrophiles, you already know all about what Mercury retro means. But for you neophytes, you may not know what this actually means. Mercury, the winged God of Commerce, also Messenger of the Gods, rules all forms of communication, logic, awareness, and the mind or intellect. How we think and process, reasoning, and thinking are all under his domain.

He also reigns over the third house, which involves the media, electronics of all kinds, especially anything that deals with communications, travel plans, and the actual getting from one place to another. So it should be no surprise when all or any of these things go awry during retro periods. Nor should it be surprising that it seems that everyone has lost his or her mind, point in reference, the entire hullabaloo created by the current election drama!

We have already survived one go around from January 5 to 25, when in Aquarius and backtracked into Capricorn. Now we are in his second retro, which began on April 28 and continues to May 22, while in Taurus. As well as a whole litany of things that can be affected, this retro period is time to check your bank accounts and all financial matters. This is not the time to go on a wild spending spree!!

It is a great time to complete any project that has been in process, but has not been finished for whatever reason, since it’s not a good time to begin anything new. So what shouldn’t you do under the retro influence? No negotiating of contracts, agreements, or anything legal! Put it off until he stations direct, if at all possible.

During this time things may return to the forefront that you thought were missed opportunities or are long forgotten. You may get a call about that special job you applied for months ago and now your name is on the short-list. Out of the blue, an old lover may be on the doorstep, professing his or her undying love. Or the dream home you missed out on is suddenly back on the market at just the right price. So take advantage of anything that returns under the influence of retro energy!

With two more periods coming up, do your homework so you know what to expect. Both remaining retros will be in Earth signs, so things on the physical plane may be featured. August 30 to September 22 will be in Virgo, so pay attention to your health and organizing all your important papers! Schedule appointments and gathering up paperwork ahead of time so you are prepared to take care of business.

December 19 to 31 he retros in Capricorn, which may put career goals in the spotlight! Tweak your resume and submit applications for any new job or promotion before the period begins. You may also want to do your Holiday shopping before this retro period begins, so you’ll have no problem finding the perfect gifts and it can all be stashed away when it’s time to do the wrapping!

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