Essential Spring Accessories for Each Sign

  • Spring Aries Fashion - Phillip Lim Bucket Bag


    The Aries woman is always on the go, without a minute to waste. This is why the Philip Lim bucket bag is the perfect item for this trendy Ram. Another perk of this stylish bag, is it’s spaciousness, you can fit everything you need in it! Not to mention, it is super practical for shopping, travel, and most of your basic on the go needs.
  • Spring Taurus Fashion - Belgravia Aquazurra Espadrille


    The Belgravia Aquazurra Espadrille is an ideal shoe for the earthy Venus loving Taurus. Both tactical and comforting, this shoe will not only be aesthetically pleasing, but will also give the feet the coziness and support the often shunned toes deserve.
  • Spring Gemini Fashion - Missoni Mare Hat


    The super talkative and brainy Gemini knows a thing or two about the accessory. Since they get restless and need variety, the extra add on is the ultimate remedy. Missoni Mare Large Floppy Brim Hat serves this sign well! With its colorful exterior and easy instruction guide, boredom will no longer be an issue for these mutable twins.
  • Spring Cancer Fashion - Dianora Salvati Scarve


    Dianora Salviati scarves are soft and lavish, showcasing the love language of the intuitive Cancer. These Italian scarves create a warm fuzzy feeling when worn, a very suitable and indispensable accessory for the sensitive crab.
  • Spring Leo Fashion - Chloe Drew Bag


    Leos, ruled by the illuminating Sun, love being in the public eye. So for Spring, Chloe’s Drew Bag is an excellent addition to the Lion’s majestic kingdom. Known for its high quality grade leather and gold chain detail, the Drew’s sophisticated look will proudly make any lion roar.
  • Spring Virgo Fashion - Jerome Dreyfuss Black Leather Bobi Shoulder Chain Bag


    The Jerome Dreyfuss Bobie Shoulder Bag fits the mold for the super organized Virgo. Not only does it contain many compartments inside the bag, but it also comes equipped with an awesome mini flashlight, catering to the methodical and calculated nature of Virgos.
  • Spring Libra Fashion - 19 Fifth Diamond Ring


    Libra Women approach life through the lens of love and beauty. This is why the fine jewelry brand 19Fifth is an enchanting choice for the Libra. This gorgeous yet simple diamond ring exudes nothing but luxurious sensuality.
  • Spring Scorpio Fashion - Aquazurra Pom Pom Sandal


    The Scorpian was born to walk in high heels, especially beautiful Italian brands like Aquazurra. The Pom Pom sandal caters to the driven Scorpio woman. These red little devils scream power, appealing to this confident sexy sign in every avenue of life.
  • Spring Sagittarius Fashion - Guanbana Bag


    Jupiter ruled Sagittarius loves traveling. Therefore, having an easy light carry all bag like Guanbana, is just what this worldly sign desperately craves. Without question, the Archer will never look at another handbag the same!
  • Spring Capricorn Fashion - K. Jacques Sandals


    Longevity is the mantra of the Saturn ruled Capricorn, who require an accessory both classic and fashionable. And K. Jacques are just that! These sandals are many steps up from your every day flip flop, and will last the ultimate test of time.
  • Spring Aquarius Fashion - Phillip Lim Soleil Mini-Crossbody Bag


    Straying away from the norm, the Phillip Lim’s Soliel Mini-Crossbody bag is very unique. Unlike other bags, the mixture of the leather and the denim creates an intensely fashionable piece, seamlessly suitable for the artistically progressive Aquarian.
  • Spring Pisces Fashion - Missoni Headband


    Pisces is the peace and love sign of the zodiac and ruled by Neptune. This planet has no boundaries and is often tied to the radical time of the 60’s, perfectly captured by the Missoni headbands. These striking “hippie” crowns cater impeccably to the imagination of the exuberant free-flowing fish.

Fashion is not only about the clothing itself: sometimes the accessories get all the hype. Let’s explore the zodiac wheel and discover the essential buys for the upcoming Spring season.

Michelle Goldfarb

Michelle began her professional career working in sales at Nordstrom. She subsequently landed a job at Scoop in Brentwood, where she became a top retail sales specialist. She currently has a key holder position at Scoop, where she continues to develop her strong interpersonal communication skills. Michelle also started her own business, Closet Charmer, where she uses her diverse background to help people with organization and spiritual guidance. She has a B.A. in Textiles and Clothing from Ohio State University, and holds an advanced degree in Fashion Design from The Fashion Institute of Design (FIDM). She is also a student of the Sher Institute of Metaphysics and Astrology and has both a Sun and moon in Scorpio with an ascendant in Pisces.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Love my Sun in Aries bag! But will also take my Venus in Taurus Espadrilles and my Moon in Scorpio Red Sandals!

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