Aries and Fashion

Lady Gaga Aries Fashion

Lady GaGa | photo by Now Magazine

Out of all the signs out there, Aries is the most linked to fashion. When I think of the first sign of the zodiac, I instantly feel passion, excitement, and an impulsive burst of energy. Interestingly enough, the planet Mars rules this sign, which explains why these individuals are so action oriented (Mars is known as the action planet). Aries are initiators in all areas of life; their energy is infectious.

Known for their big ram horns, the Aries Ram exudes the color red. The connection to Mars also shows why red is so prevalent. In terms of Fashion, wearing this vibrant hue sparks people’s attention. People with this sign have an innovative and independent style that will turn heads and set new trends.

Music Song writer Lady Gaga, embodies the typical Aries dresser because of her drive and extravagant wardrobe, exhibiting designers who make an artistic fashion statement. This is one of the key elements that generated attention and put her in the spotlight.

Victoria Beckham Aries Fashion

Victoria Beckham | photo by Glamour

Aries Sun, Victoria Beckham, wife of Soccer player David Beckham was initially known for the involvement in the 90’s Pop Band the Spice Girls. Over the years, Victoria became noticed for her incredible sense of style and flourished in the fashion world.

In addition to the female fashionista’s, Tommy Hilfiger and Marc Jacobs are also Aries fashion designers who revolutionized the industry. Tommy is best known for bringing American sportswear to a new level with his signature red, white, and blue logo. March Jacobs brought fashion to a new level with his contributions to Louis Vuitton and the creation of his own riveting line.

Aries Fashion Photo

These three essential items are superb for all our inner Aries. In this photo we have an Open Ceremony dress, Laurence Decade shoe, and Sophie Hulme tote bag. Aries loves making profound statements. While Open ceremony typically demonstrates a feminine style of dress, when paired with two these other bold accessories, Aries energy makes them shine. Like what you see! You can find all these items at Scoop NYC for a closer look.

Michelle Goldfarb

Michelle began her professional career working in sales at Nordstrom. She subsequently landed a job at Scoop in Brentwood, where she became a top retail sales specialist. She currently has a key holder position at Scoop, where she continues to develop her strong interpersonal communication skills. Michelle also started her own business, Closet Charmer, where she uses her diverse background to help people with organization and spiritual guidance. She has a B.A. in Textiles and Clothing from Ohio State University, and holds an advanced degree in Fashion Design from The Fashion Institute of Design (FIDM). She is also a student of the Sher Institute of Metaphysics and Astrology and has both a Sun and moon in Scorpio with an ascendant in Pisces.

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