Sun in Taurus 2016


The Sun moved into Taurus on April 19, 2016 at 11:30 AM (CDT) changing the vibe from one of full on aggression to a much mellower one. But the Bull does have his moments and can flip on a dime if pushed into a corner. Taurus would much rather travel at his or her own pace, taking time out to smell the roses, and get to the finish line in their own sweet time! Venus, Taurus’ ruler, will bring gentle behavior, love, and beauty this month!


Aries should be thinking about your money this month, how you get it, what you do with it, and will it last until next payday. It’s also a time when your stuff, material possessions, may be important. Weigh it carefully, bigger bank account or shiny bauble, which do you want more?


Taurus should be focused on how you are in the world, your appearance, and identity this month. It’s your choice about how much you want to reveal and how much you want to keep hidden away from sight. But it really doesn’t matter because everyone has his or her own perceptions, so just be the best “You” that you can!


Gemini should be interested in the Spiritual side of life this month, bordering on the occult. All things dark, mysterious, and secret will come floating up out of the depths to tantalize your mind and curiosity. Mercury, your ruler and the messenger God, will be your guide to the Collective Unconscious and Cosmos


Cancer should be thinking about dreams, hopes, wishes, and getting line up in the right order for everything. This can be done through focusing on humanitarian projects, which may be right up your alley. You may find that you have the gift of gab, so could garner lots of help for the disenfranchised and less fortunate!


Leo should be thinking about career, recognition, and how to gain the status that you desire. This requires some focused attention, which may be an issue, since you are be used to stunning everyone with charisma and charm. So a little elbow grease and keeping your nose to the grindstone this month will go a long way.


Virgo will be focused on traveling to far off locations or spiritual journeys this month. It’s a great time to make all the your plans and get all your ducks in a row, even if you can’t actually travel at this time. Sign up for a foreign language to get a jump-start for being able to speak to all the people you meet on your travels!


Libra will focus on life, death, and transformation this month, which is like the symbology of the Phoenix being reborn from its ashes. You can reinvent yourself in the perfect image that is in your mind. All the changed that need to be made for the reinvention of the Self, are at your fingertips if you choose to go for it!


Scorpio will be thinking about relationships of kinds especially the romantic ones, and the love connections this month. You are the most passionate sign of the zodiac, not just in affairs of the heart, but in everything you do. So expect to have a sweet encounter with your loved one, or to meet the guy or gal of your dreams!


Sagittarius’ focus needs to be on your health this month, especially getting your annual check up and any necessary lab work that is considered preventive. This is a good time to be proactive rather than waiting until you are feeling bad. It is also good for organizing everything in your home or office to clear all the clutter!


Capricorn will have children on your mind this month or, at least, child-like behavior. Career and boardrooms can wait, even if that is where you may prefer to be. It’s time to take a break from all that stuffy behavior, have fun, act like a kid, play with your kids, and if you don’t have any, borrow a few from friends.


Aquarius will be thinking about your home this month, not just the physical structure, but what it takes to make a house a home. It is also a time for nurturing your family members and friends that may be closer than actual blood relatives. This can also teach you about nurturing yourself and being nurtured by others!


Pisces will be focusing on all types of transportation and communications this month, including email, text, IMs, phone calls, and face-to-face sit downs, Since you like spending time meditating and with your Spiritual Practice, you may even try telepathy. This is not the time to retreat, but to be fully engaged with others!

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    Ah, yes my Venus in Taurus wants time to stop and smell the roses!

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